Genealogy & Family History


We will find your roots and take you there!

If you know that one or more of your ancestors came from Scandinavia and you would like to know more about who they were and where they came from - we can help you!

As long as you have a name and some idea about where in Scandinavia your forebears came from, we can probably find the details to construct a family tree for you!

We have the tools and experience needed to help find your ancestors' birthplace and even trace your entire Scandinavian family line back as far as the historical sources will take us. Sometimes that means all the way back to medieval times!

It may be that you are not so interested in the history, but would rather discover unknown, living relatives - we can most likely help you do that too!

In the last few years, some historical sources have been made accessible on the internet for on-line searches for ancestors. Unfortunately, many of those who have tried these internet resources have discovered that the search was in vain. This is because the art of genealogy is an extremely complex process, requiring a thorough knowledge of both Scandinavian and American history, as well as knowing which historical sources and archives are available and having the skills to utilize them effectively.

Norwegian Adventures has a highly trained staff of genealogists ready to embark on the "big hunt" for Scandinavian ancestors! Sometimes this can be very time-consuming, however, so we have mapped out the following procedure to ensure that our clients know what they are getting - and get what they want:

  1. You tell us the genealogical goals: what you want us to find.
  2. You provide all available information about the forefathers/family background.
  3. We give an estimate of how many hours we will need to reach the goal.
  4. Payment is made in advance for the number of hours that the client is prepared to spend to find the ancestors.
  5. Upon completion of our research, we will send a written presentation of the results with reference to the historical sources in which we have located the information.

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After we have found your genealogical roots in Scandinavia, we think that you will probably want to see the places where your ancestors lived.

We will find your roots and take you there!

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